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I have reservations about the EU and the way it is run, like a lot of people. But I don't want to see it implode. The EU isn't perfect but it stopped member countries being at war with each other. It brought peace.

Seeing the UK leave is a big blow to it: the Leavers are being smug about it and seem to be under the delusion that the European project need them more than the UK need the EU. I hope the Remainers will fight for their right to stay. This decision to leave is punishing a lot of people, Leavers included. Wearing blinkers and refusing to face reality won't prevent them from feeling the pain.

The rest of the EU members show a strange determination to go on without the UK, when they should show some sympathy for Remainers and their own citizens who live and work in the UK. To witness that going on doesn't reflect well on the UK or the EU. In the same way solidarity wasn't shown to Greece, the UK sees the other member states turn against it to the extent that the UK wasn't even invited to the recent summit in Bratislava.

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic rebelling against welcoming their quota of refugees is another ugly side of countries who take advantage of free movement to settle in Western Europe and yet, show appaling racism and xenophobia agaisnt refugees... They want to have their cake and eat it and will be part of the European Project only as long as it serves them and they can fill their pockets at its expense.

To see the EU turning more and more into a nightmare through the behaviour and lack of solidarity displayed by its members is heartbreaking. And what about the young folks and their opportunities being squandered by the older generations?
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